My favourite book….

Posted on November 3, 2017 by Book at Bedtime

We have had some great feedback. I’ll let them tell you…….

Since using the bookshelf scheme within our refuge the children and young people have had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of books suitable for all ages 0-17 years. In particular the children aged between 5-10 years old have loved the book shelf, on many occasions children will bring their mum into the lounge to choose a story book and take it to their rooms and share the experience together at bedtime. The children return the books to the book shelf to ensure all children have the opportunity to look at the wide variety. Once leaving the refuge the children choose their favourite book and take this with them as a keepsake for their new home. The children become very excited when children’s workers explain this to them on arrival and look forward to taking a book when moving on from refuge.

Jenny – Aged 6: recently moved out of refuge and loved horses, throughout her time here she consistently read the same book about horses and would check daily to ensure the book was still on the shelf. On their departure Jenny said this “is my favourite book ever and left very pleased”.