About Us

People with a passion for reading

Imagine you are 8 years old. Mum seems very very nervous and although you thought you were walking to school you are now going in a different direction. You arrive at a strange house and are told this is where you are going to live for a while. You don’t have any of your toys, clothes or books with you. You are scared and upset. You walk into a room and in front of you is a bookcase full of books and you can see one of your favourite authors. You are told that you can look at the books while mum talks to the lady. You pick one off the shelf and sit down. Minutes later you have taken refuge in a book…..

This is what we do. We are a charitable organisation that was set up in North Wales in 2010 to provide a bookcase full of children’s books to women’s refuges all over the UK.

As well as providing books for the children and their mums whilst they are in the refuge when they leave they can take a favourite book from the bookcase with them. This will give them something that belongs just to them.

We promote the importance of children being encouraged to read by and with their mums. Children who enjoy books read more and this means that they will do better in school, they will have more confidence and ultimately they can expand the possibilities for their future.

We also supply a set of Family Change books to each refuge to enable the play workers to work one-to-one with the children to help them deal with their emotions and the difficult situation they are in. To fully support each refuge costs £260.00.

There are over 400 refuges in the UK so if you would like to get involved with collecting books and/or raising money in your area we can help! Just get in touch.