Give a book this Christmas – instead of a goat!

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Book at Bedtime

I was talking to a friend about the need to raise funds to buy the Family Change sets of books for Book at Bedtime and she said “have you heard of ‘buy a goat’?” I wasn’t sure we were still talking about the same topic but she explained it was a way for people to buy gifts that benefitted someone they didn’t know. It rang bells. “So I buy a goat?” “No, you pay the charity to buy the goat and they deliver it to the person in need. In return they send you a nice card with a picture of the goat you have bought. You can then give the card to someone and say that instead of buying them a gift that they can open this year you’ve bought a gift on their behalf that someone else can open. They get to feel good because they’ve helped someone who needs a goat”.

What a good idea! So Book at Bedtime now enables you to do just that. Well, not a goat obviously. A book! Much less trouble.

So this Christmas you can buy a gift that helps a child that has experienced domestic abuse put their life back together.
And even better this gift will continue to help another child, and another, and another …… until hundreds of children have been helped by your one gift.

Our Family Change books are used by playworkers in women’s refuges to help children deal with their emotions and the terrible things they may have witnessed or experienced. Research shows that children who are helped to deal with their emotions are much less likely to become violent as they grow older.

So how do you buy a book? You choose your book from the list. You then contact us to tell us the title and what your name is so that we can put it on the sticker that is on the front of the book (you can be anonymous if you prefer). We then offer you ways of how to pay.

Books start from £5.99 each and you will either get a lovely certificate via email thanking you for your gift or if you wish to receive a card in the post so that you have something to give to your loved one on Christmas Day please add £1.50 to the price of the book and tell us your postal address.

So which book or books would you like to gift? A Huge Bag of Worries is very popular, as is It’s Not Fair but my favourite is A Terrible Thing Happened – poor Sherman! Thank you ?