Missing my Dad

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Book at Bedtime

And more feedback from one of the refuge children’s workers about how helpful the Family Change set of books has been.

The family change set up pack is very beneficial to the children’s workers and children; these are used regularly on a planned 1:1 basis and implemented into our support plans for the children and young people. There is a wide range of books around feelings and emotions and the children will often use these books alongside their worksheets to hear about other children’s stories. This gives the children and young people a wider understanding of what has happened to them and why they may feel the different feelings and emotions they have.

For many children and young people missing their dad is a common factor within the refuge, the book “Talking about domestic abuse with mum” is very helpful as there are worksheets to complete with mum and the children’s worker and these discuss in detail why the family has changed, their relationship with both parents and how all families have different dynamics. Using this book I have noticed recent changes in one of the children’s behaviour’s, Adam aged 9 struggles to talk with his mum about missing dad. During a 1:1 session with children’s worker Adam completed the worksheets around family changes and being able to speak openly and recognise that not all families live together as a family unit helped him to understand more.

Adam now talks positively about both parents, and understands why they do not live together.